1. Aquatic Physio Exercise Australia Commits to:

  • Communicate clearly with you about your health, suitability for aquatic physiotherapy, assessment, exercise programs and goals
  • Communicate clearly with any other health professionals involved in your care with your permission
  • Being on time for assessment and aquatic physiotherapy sessions
  • Have additional and up to date training and experience in aquatic physiotherapy
  • Cover sessions with another aquatic physiotherapist if illness limits the availability of your usual aquatic physiotherapist
  • When not able to provide replacement staff or when there are issues with the pool then to provide as much notice as possible of any cancellation.
  • Abide by the professional standards and code of ethics of the Australian Health Professionals Registration Association
  • Abide by the professional standards and code of ethics as members of the Australian Physiotherapy Association
  • Ensuring the privacy of your personal health information
  • Treat you with respect and not discriminate

2. Aquatic Physio Exercise Australia asks you to commit to:

  • Try to follow recommendations and advice from your physiotherapist to achieve the best outcomes
  • Treat all staff and other participants of the program with respect
  • Accepting that in situations when a physiotherapist is unwell that another physiotherapist may cover some of your sessions
  • Accept that in some situations related to staff illness or pool maintenance issues that your session may be cancelled.
  • Read and acknowledge all of our terms and conditions.

3. Consent to treatment, communication and privacy

Verbal consent to record personal health information will be requested during all phone conversations prior to making any notes on health information. Written consent prior to physical assessment and aquatic physiotherapy will be received.

All assessment, treatment and changes in exercise programs will be discussed to aim to maximise improvements and minimise symptoms. Aquatic Physio Exercise Australia abides by a strict privacy policy. We maintain the security of personal health information at all times and ensure that this information is only released with your expressed written consent or where it is required by law.You will not be contacted about promotions or events unless you have given permission to be contacted. If you have given permission to be contacted then you can unsubscribe to this contact any time.

4. Payment & refunds

Payment is required prior to the start of the aquatic physiotherapy program to reserve your place in the session at the time and in the location that is most convenient for you. An overview receipt for this payment will be issued immediately.

Individual invoices will be issued with each session. These individual invoices can be used for rebate from private health insurance if you have cover. In the event that the participant in the program becomes unwell or is unable or decides against completing the remainder of their aquatic physiotherapy program then a credit or a refund for the remaining sessions will be issued. When not able to provide replacement staff or when there are issues with the pool leading to cancellation of the session then the cost of the session will be refunded in full to you.

Free services offered are not redeemable within another program at another time, are not redeemable in cash or products and are not transferable or saleable.
Aquatic Physio Exercise Australia reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without notifying you (except with regard to payment and refunds if you are a current client).

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our terms and conditions.

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5. Website Terms of Use

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