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Have you struggled with exercise in the past because of knee pain? Are you ready to be proactive with effective and safe exercise to strengthen your knee joint? Then this aquatic program is the right one for you.

You can access the AquaEvidence challenge for free via your physiotherapist.

Your first step is to discuss this information and the AquaEvidence challenge with your physiotherapist. Your physiotherapist can contact us at via email for approval to start.

The aquatic exercise advice has been specifically designed by qualified physiotherapists for people who;
• have mild or moderate knee pain and want to change this
• would like to be professionally guided through specific knee exercises in water
• are ready to make a commitment to regular knee exercises in the pool as a booster in addition to the exercises you have from your physiotherapist.

Research shows us that aquatic exercise reduces pain and improves walking, balance and moving around for people with knee osteoarthritis. We run through a range of specific knee exercise options for you.

AquaEvidence takes you through a place to start and some ideas to progress to over 12-weeks. Progress is usually slow when you start exercise for knee osteoarthritis but the challenge provides information to make this a safe and effective exercise program.

It’s great that you are thinking about starting an aquatic exercise routine, but there are no magic tricks. Research shows it takes time to see improvements, so hang in there, we’re with you all the way. The time frame for feeling ease of pain varies and often relates to your personal exercise experiences and level of pain. Typically, improvements will occur
after 12 weeks, but some people enjoy benefits of the program as soon as 6 weeks

If you have recently had knee surgery, either an arthroscope or a ACL reconstruction or a total joint replacement these exercises may also be useful but

  • please check with your physiotherapist prior to starting with this challenge
  • ensure your wound is healed (clean and dry) or you have approval from your surgeon to use a waterproof dressing over your wound to start in the pool

What you’ll get when you start with the AquaEvidence challenge:

• Useful information to keep you safe when you’re exercising in water

•Goal Setting – establishing what fits in with your life and what you can commit to with aquatic exercise

• 3 months access to online knee exercise videos designed by qualified physiotherapists

• Further learning opportunities about knee pain, valuable exercise options for knee osteoarthritis, steps to progressing your program in water and much more (approx 2 hours of viewing and reading)

We would like you to check in with your local physiotherapist if you’re unsure about anything or have a significant exacerbation of your pain that you can’t get under control.

Good luck!

You can download a planning document here if you’d like to print it out and make notes as you do your reading and watch the videos.


If you have any issues with the download, please email and we can email it to you.