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The research shows us that aquatic exercise reduces pain and improves walking, balance and moving around for people with knee osteoarthritis. We are going to run through some of the best options for exercise in water.

AquaEvidence Booster is the right challenge for you if you already exercise regularly, either at home, in the pool or in the gym, and you are looking for a few extra tips to help your knee.

AquaEvidence Booster is the right place for you to start if you

  • already exercise and
  • your health is good or any conditions you have are well managed and
  • your knee pain is mild (to moderate)

You still get most of the same content as AquaEvidence Beginner but you can skip over the topics that you don’t find relevant. You also get some higher level options for aquatic exercise.

If you’re already in a good routine with exercise for your knee that’s fantastic but it takes time to see improvements… most the research shows that improvements are usually seen after about 6 weeks but sometimes it could take 12 weeks.

We hope you find some interesting tips to start using. Best wishes!

This course is in development phase. Please email at if you are interested in it.