Hip & Knee Group

Specialised sessions of research based aquatic physiotherapy exercise programs for hip and knee arthritis and joint replacement:


  • Supervised in a pool by an experienced aquatic physiotherapist.
  • Once a week for 10 weeks.
  • Assessment and reassessment for individualisation of the program for pain, leg strength, balance and walking.
  • Individualised goal setting and exercise progression in a group setting

Key benefits for people with hip or knee arthritis or joint replacement:

  • Work on improving your pain, walking, leg strength with getting out of a chair or going up stairs, flexibility and balance.
  • Work on your understanding of exercise, self-management, pacing and arthritis.
  • Support for continuing your aquatic program independently

Hip and Knee Aquatic Physiotherapy exercise


The main difference with this group compared with the other Aquatic Physiotherapy groups is that there will be a larger cardiovascular fitness componant to the sessions and you will enjoy the group setting with people with similar issues.


  • Initial assessment with a physiotherapist including medical history, symptoms, activity levels and limitations, physical assessment, individual goal setting. This session also includes some group education
  • $30 per aquatic physiotherapy session for 9 sessions
  • 1 aquatic physio session is free if you attend all 10 sessions
  • Reassessment to determine changes and future goal setting
  • Set up of ongoing independent program
  • Access to check up program sessions for the following 12 months

Check with your private health insurance related to the level of rebate you can receive for aquatic physiotherapy. Payment in full is required prior to starting the sessions to secure your place in the group.

Discounts on the initial assessment are provided if you have been through the program previously.

Please call to find out more information on the suitability of these sessions for your problem, an updated list of times and locations for the hip and knee aquatic physiotherapy sessions in Melbourne.